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Partnering to Make a Beautiful Difference

Kenra Professional has partnered with The Rapunzel Project®, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy through the use of cold cap technology. We have proudly donated over $70,000 and are committed to further fundraising and advocacy on behalf of our company team, distributors, vendors, salons, and clients.

• Founded by two breast cancer survivors, Nancy Marshall and Shirley Billigmeier, this non-profit organization is dedicated to helping cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy.
• Its mission is to raise awareness of the existence and efficacy of the cold cap method for preserving hair during chemotherapy and to raising funds to purchase biomedical freezers for oncology facilities.

• Patients have an option for keeping their hair during chemotherapy with cold cap technology.
• This technology has been widely used with great success in Europe for 15 years, and it is finally gaining momentum in the United States.
• Frank Fronda, the scientist who invented a cold cap, indicates that cold cap technology has a proven 90% effective rate for hair retention.
• Cold cap technology involves the use of special caps that are frozen to a very cold temperature and are worn before, during, and after each chemotherapy treatment. The cooling of the hair follicles prevents chemotherapy toxins from reaching them, preserving the follicles and therefore preserving the patient's hair.

• "When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you heal better," says Nancy Marshall, co-founder of The Rapunzel Project.
• "Keeping your hair while undergoing chemotherapy is not about vanity – It's about identity," indicates Nancy. "Knowing she can keep her hair can help liberate a patient emotionally and physically from the 'cancer patient' label and improve self-image, dignity and morale – vital, yet often overlooked, elements of overall wellness."

• This cause is meaningful to all of us – our company team, distributors, stylists, and clients – and we can all partner to make a beautiful difference.
• Kenra Professional has donated in excess of $70,000 to The Rapunzel Project and we are committed to raising an additional $250,000 in support of this important cause to help FIGHT cancer.
• To learn more, get involved, or make a donation, please visit and "like" us on Facebook.

• Cancer accounts for 1 in every 8 deaths worldwide and 1 in every 4 deaths in the US.
• More than 1.5 million new cancer cases were diagnosed in the US in 2010.
• 8% of women and men forgo chemotherapy, a life-saving treatment, for fear of losing their hair.

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